Not a Mourning Person by Steffanie Holmes (epub)

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Not a Mourning Person by Steffanie Holmes (epub) Grimdale Graveyard Mysteries Book 4

Was bringing three hot AF ghosts back to life a grave mistake?

All I wanted to do was kiss my ghost boyfriends, but instead, I broke the Veil between the worlds of the Living and the Dead. Whoops. Now, a horde of demons and hellbeasts are after us, and if I don’t get control over my resurrection magic soon, we’re in for some grave consequences.

Like the end of the world.

I’m creeping it real here – I’m terrified. There isn’t enough coffee in all of Grimdale to fortify me for this battle.

What if the price of falling for three beautiful, spirited, impossible men is worse than death?
What if the only way to stop Grimdale from becoming a literal ghost town…

…is to give up my soul?

Bree and her ghostly men are back for their final spooky adventure in Not a Mourning Person, book 4 of this darkly humorous cozy fantasy series by bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. If you love a sarcastic heroine, hot, possessive and slightly unhinged ghostly men, a mystery to solve, and a little kooky, spooky lovin’ to set your coffin a rockin’, then quit ghouling around and start reading!

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