Offensive Edge by Hannah Henry (epub)


Offensive Edge by Hannah Henry (epub)
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Hannah Henry
June 27, 2023
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Offensive Edge by Hannah Henry (epub) Delay of Game Book 5

Theo Lane finally found his place in the NHL. The beginning of his career had been a struggle, especially compared to Rowan Foley, generational talent and his ex not-quite-boyfriend. It took eight years from draft day, but Theo was finally on a team that respected him. A team that was lighting it up. The San Jose Serpents had a real chance that year. Everything was looking up.

Until Rowan signed a contract with the Serpents.

Rowan may be a ‘generational talent,’ but he was also on a shitty team. The Texas Victory had only made the playoffs once in Rowan’s eight years playing in the NHL, and there was no hope in sight. It was time to move on. He was wistful for the time he spent in junior playing with Theo, the boy his heart hadn’t let go of just yet, even if they had fallen out of touch.

Rowan wasn’t expecting Theo to come running back into his arms, but he hadn’t expected the downright hostile welcome he got from him, either. Eight years was a long time, and Rowan was realizing he had made some mistakes.

Theo and his still-broken heart had resolved to keep their relationship 100% on the ice, where they played together like a dream. But the season was long, and there was a reason they had been so obsessed with each other when they had been Flint Jaguars back in junior. Rowan always worked hard on the ice, but can he work hard enough off of it to win Theo back?

Offensive Edge is a 57k second chance MM hockey romance with a happily ever after.

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