One Chance by Vee Taylor (epub)

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One Chance by Vee Taylor (epub)

I wanted to live.
Paint outside of the lines.
Get my ‘glow’ back.

After years of suffering from trauma, I wanted one chance to feel free.
So I had to run away. But does someone actually leave the underworld?
Running from the scariest monster, I ran right into HIM, a broken Made Man painted in lust and part of the same world I was bound to.

I was the object of his desire, his rule breaker, his obsession.

He taught me what protection felt like, what a healthy addiction tasted like.

When he took his barriers down and everything he stood for, it was too late, my past came running back.
But his Little Bear wouldn’t go down without a fight. And my protector would never give up.

I bet my life on that.

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