One Night by Lena Hendrix (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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One Night by Lena Hendrix (Epub PDF Audiobook) a Romeo + Juliet small town romance

The story follows an intricately tangled relationship between Duke Sullivan and the protagonist, entwined within a deep-seated family rivalry. Duke, the eldest of a rival family, surprisingly becomes the sender of the protagonist’s morning greetings and the subject of her clandestine affection, despite their families’ longstanding enmity. Their connection is strictly forbidden.

Their covert friendship evolves, and after resisting their attraction for months, they succumb to the allure. Aware that their romance can only exist in secrecy, they agree to keep their relationship clandestine. However, an unexpected pregnancy shifts the paradigm.

Faced with the uproar from their small town and families, Duke takes a bold step by relocating the protagonist to his home. Despite their agreement to navigate parenthood together, living under the same roof proves challenging. The magnetism between them intensifies with every glance and touch, despite the ongoing feud. It becomes evident that Duke is unrelenting in pursuing what he desires, which seems to be the protagonist.

She sees herself as the unassuming daughter bearing the weight of a contentious family name, yet Duke’s actions hint at a desire for more than just a fleeting connection. Their story teeters on the edge of forbidden love and the complexity of pursuing genuine affection amid familial discord.

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