Only Happy When It Rains by Selena (epub) FREE

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Only Happy When It Rains by Selena (epub) FREE


Lennox North is a psycho.

I know, because he’s my boyfriend’s twin, and even his own brother hates him.

He buries men and hunts women for sport.

He’s got a body count, and not the sexy kind.

Which is why I’m so confused when said boyfriend sends me to a secluded cabin with the madman.

Until I find out the terrible truth.
He traded me to Lennox.

Reeling with betrayal and hurt, I cling to one hope of survival—that I can make Lennox see me as human before I become his next victim. But Lennox is a notorious gangster with murder in his eyes, and he’s already set his sights on me.

So I make a proposition.

Let’s play a game.

If I win, I live.

If he wins, he can do whatever he wants to me.

Make me his slave. Hunt me like prey. Bury me.

But one game isn’t enough. Lennox wants to play again.

And so do I.

Lennox North is a psycho.

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