Operation Escape by Landra Graf (ePub & PDF)


Operation Escape by Landra Graf (ePub & PDF)
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Landra Graf
April 3, 2023
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Operation Escape by Landra Graf (ePub & PDF)

A forced bond, an undeniable attraction, and a planet full of prisoners who want them dead.

Sera Kain has a mission, one she can’t complete with a pilot. Using her background as a logistics and data controller, she’s found the one man that might be willing to help her find her missing uncle with a little incentive.

Markus Engle resigned from military life to escape the destruction left by human expansion through the universe. He wants only a life of leisure and enjoyment on the pleasure planet of Kafgar. When Sera walks through the door of his business everything changes because he can’t tell her no. Not when her scent activates the military DNA modifications that make denying her impossible.

It’s a simple rescue mission on the prison planet, Earth, with Sera guiding the way. Only the snatch-n-save turns into an ambush and the pair find themselves trapped without a ship and no way out. To escape alliances will need to be formed and bargains made with the worst Space Force has encountered. For Markus and Sera, their future is fated, but making it off Earth alive to enjoy it will be damn near impossible.

Author note: This is a sci-fi fated mates romance featuring a pansexual hero, a fish-out-of-water heroine, and a ragtag crew of humanoid aliens and science experiments.

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