Out of The Wild Night by Marina Vivanco FREE (epub)


Out of The Wild Night by Marina Vivanco FREE (epub)
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Marina Vivanco
May 30, 2023
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Out of The Wild Night by Marina Vivanco FREE (epub) Coven Ties Book 2)

In a world filled with magic, where everybody is born a submissive or a Dom…
Mason might no longer hate being a submissive, but life has taught him his dynamic puts him at a disadvantage. Neglected in childhood, abused by the first Dom he ever trusted, he knows to keep his heart guarded.
Mason’s skill in Animal Magic allows him to move from coven to coven—never settling down. Never opening up to anybody.
The Meliora coven was supposed to be no different.
Mason has learnt the hard way not to fall for the kindness of strangers, but the people here are different. Charlie, the Dom Mason works with, is different. Joyful, teasing, caring—Mason’s icy suspicion can’t help but start melting.
Will it be so bad if he gives in and starts scening with Charlie? To get on his knees and beg for what he really wants?
Can he learn to trust again?

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