Overtime by Marina Vivancos (epub)

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Overtime by Marina Vivancos (epub) Alpha Omega Hockey Book 3

Ishir is happy when his best friend Zane is traded to his team, the Brooklyn Cats. Why wouldn’t he be? They’ve known each other since they were kids. Zane was the first person he came out to as gay—an Alpha who’s attracted to other Alphas. Zane has been there for him every step of the way.

Oh, and Ishir is madly in love with him.
Ishir isn’t going to make it a problem, though. Sure, they’re living together, so he has to see Zane strut around shirtless. And, okay, Zane knows about Ishir’s weird little superstition—
Ishir can only come when he scores a goal. It’s his thing, okay?
But when Zane starts involving himself in who Ishir can sleep with…in how he gets himself off…well, things start getting a little more complicated.
Zane likes to tell him what to do, and Ishir likes listening.

They’re just best friends, though. Nothing more.
Ishir is just going to have to accept that…or break his heart trying.

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