Owned by the Italian Mafia Don by Rosalie Rose (epub)

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Owned by the Italian Mafia Don by Rosalie Rose (epub)

I signed a marriage contract with a ruthless mafia boss
And gave him a baby in exchange for protection…

Dangerous men were coming to kill me,
So I made a deal with a monster.
Ari Milazzo;
A brutally gorgeous Italian mafia don,
and the most powerful boss in the city.
The terms were simple:
A fake wedding contract with no feelings involved.
He needed a wife and a baby, and I needed protection.
He should be my enemy,
I should hate him,
And yet, the way Ari looks at me,
Touches me with his tattooed hands,
Says my name —
I know it’s only a matter of time,
Days before I kneel in submission.
Every forbidden touch drives me insane,
Every heated exchange between us
Makes me want to lose control.
But if Ari wants me,
He’ll have to save me first…

I’m not a patient man,
There’s no time for that.
And petty criminals piss me off —
Like her.
Rosie is a headache I can’t shake.
A siren I can’t block out.
An innocent woman I want to corrupt.
We made a contract:
Marry me and produce my heir,
And I’ll protect her from the people hunting her.
But Rosie will learn to obey me,
Beg for me,
Because she’s mine now.
And we’re just getting started.

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