Paper Hearts & Plot Twists by Phoenix L. Beecher & Melody Anne (epub)

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Paper Hearts & Plot Twists by Phoenix L. Beecher & Melody Anne (epub) Bennett Brothers Book 1

In the heart of the premier book conference, two unlikely companions find themselves unexpectedly entwined in a whirlwind of chaos caused by technological mishaps, a vindictive ex-girlfriend, and publishing challenges in this gripping novel by #1 New York Times bestselling Author Melody Anne, and debut author Phoenix L. Beecher, a mother-daughter team, that seamlessly blends experience and fresh perspective promising a literary journey filled with unforeseen and heartfelt revelations.

Miles Bennett, a successful fantasy author known for his exhilarating stories and stunning worlds, and Emily Parker, an aspiring poet and avid reader head to Denver for the biggest book conference of the year, ready to take on a weekend of relaxation and fun.

Due to a technical error, both Mason and Emily end up assigned to the same room at the Gaylord Rockies, with not a vacancy in sight.

As they find themselves sharing quarters at the hotel, the challenge of cohabiting with someone seemingly incompatible becomes evident. Initially intending to spend as little time together as possible while relishing the conference individually, their course changes with the arrival of Vanessa.

Miles, grappling with the aftermath of his breakup, discovers that his ex-girlfriend, a high end cover model, is not only attending the conference but has booked a room at the same hotel and would very much like to take her place back in his heart. Desperate to avoid awkward encounters and prying questions about his personal life, Miles is relieved when Emily agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend, weaving a web of fictional romance to shield Miles.
As the charade unfolds, Miles and Emily find themselves drawn into a world of make-believe that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. The more they pretend, the more they discover about each other’s hopes, dreams, and the scars of the past. In the midst of the literary chaos, the unexpected plot twists of their own hearts begin to unfold.

As they navigate the conference’s literary delights and confront the emotional baggage they carry, Miles and Emily discover that the best stories are often the ones written by fate. The charade, initially a protective shield, becomes a journey of self-discovery and love. In the backdrop of Denver’s enchanting skyline, they craft a story that transcends the pages of Miles’ novels and Emily’s poems.

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