Playing for the Dark by Tilly Ridge (epub)

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Playing for the Dark by Tilly Ridge (epub) High Stakes Syndicate Series Book 1

Las Vegas.

The City of Sin.

What happens here, stays here.

There’s only one man in charge: Marcello Barone, leader of the Italian mafia. He’s ruthless and unhinged. His only weakness? Ellie Dixon.

For the last year she’s maintained her calloused attitude toward men, but at the persistent pursuit from two players of the Vegas Rebels, she finds herself welcoming a little fun.

Nash Hayden, quarterback and number one draft pick, isn’t used to the fast life. As he begins his new life, he finds his devotion to his father falters as his spirituality evolves, contradicting everything he thought he knew from his Texas upbringing.

Zamir Prifti, a wide receiver with Albanian mafia ties, does everything he can to hide the darkness woven into his soul. What he doesn’t know is how far his family is willing to go to get him back.

Will Marcelo’s unwillingness to share sever the connection they’ve formed?

Or will they learn to play together?

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