Pregnant Wolf’s Mate by Mia Wolf (epub)

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Pregnant Wolf’s Mate by Mia Wolf (epub) Silverdale Wolves Book 8

I hate how he ridicules me. Yet he’s the only one who can make my wolf come out.
I failed to shift at the full moon ritual. I’m the laughing stock of the pack.
Now the much older wolf who always makes fun of me is coming to my rescue.
I want to push him away, but my wolf wants to give him her innocence.

He’s stoic and grumpy and he mockingly calls me a little princess.
But I’m not little anymore. I’ve grown out my curves and am ready for the world.
Except that I can’t shift. I have no choice but to accept his help.
And so he takes me into the woods and teaches me how to run wild.

After the shifting our pelts melt back into skin, and I see him for who he is.
I want to run my fingers over the burn marks that the demons gave him.
I want to hush his condescending words with my mouth.
I want him to take what I’ve never given to a man before.

Is he ready for my pregnant belly?

Silverdale Wolves is a sizzling paranormal romance series where delicious wolf shifters compete for rank, respect and women. These strong males are possessive, demanding … and very seductive. Once they’ve identified their mate, they won’t allow anyone or anything to get in the way.

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