Presented to the Feral Alpha by Bridget Blake (ePub & PDF)


Presented to the Feral Alpha by Bridget Blake (ePub & PDF)
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Bridget Blake
April 4, 2023
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Presented to the Feral Alpha by Bridget Blake (ePub & PDF)

Ten years ago, my fated mate walked away from our bond. Now he’s back to claim what’s his. Knot a chance.

The thing they don’t tell you about fated mates is they hold the power to destroy you.

When I felt the bond between us, anticipation filled me — I thought I would finally get to meet my mate and start my new life. But then he vanished, leaving me alone and broken. Every time the wind blew, I imagined it’s him coming to claim me, but he never did.

I’m done waiting on this selfish Alphahole. After tonight, I’m running as far away as my four paws can carry me.

Of course, now is the time he finally decides to return and claim me. My mate is a feral Alpha, a shifter on the brink of madness and as likely to rip my throat out as mate me.

Why is it always the crazy ones that are hotter than sin?

As much as I try to resist, my body responds to his primal magnetism. His touch sets my skin ablaze with desire and his scent seeps deep into my core, sending me into a frenzied heat.

I can’t run until my heat is over and I need my mate to help me through it. My inner Omega compels me to stay and give him a second chance, to let this feral Alpha claim me as his own, but I’m not so easy to convince.

Presented to the Feral Alpha is a standalone MF wolf shifter Omegaverse romance with a happy ending. Tropes include rejected mates, second chance, and fated mates. This book is for adults only and includes steamy scenes. Full list of trigger warnings in the foreword.

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