Pretty Vengeful Queen by Callie Rose (epub)

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Pretty Vengeful Queen by Callie Rose (epub) Ruthless Hearts Book 3

They hurt me. They fought for me. They claimed my heart.
And now it’s my turn to fight for them.
I never meant to fall for the three men who were once my enemies. There was a time when I would’ve happily danced on their graves, but now I’ll sacrifice myself to the devil himself if it keeps them alive.
But I even if I have to marry Austin McKenna, I won’t let him win this war.

Because there’s more at stake now than just survival. I’m fighting for a life I never knew I wanted. I’m fighting for the men who’ve woven themselves into the fabric of my heart.
Maddoc, Logan, and Dante have shown me that I have just as much darkness running through my veins as they do. They’ve taught me how to embrace it. And now it’s time for me to let that darkness out.
This world of theirs is violent, brutal, and dangerous…
But I can be too.

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