Prince of Scandal by Nicola Davidson (epub)

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Prince of Scandal by Nicola Davidson (epub) Wickedly Wed Book 3

After she’s seduced and abandoned by an unscrupulous cad, Lady Georgiana Nash flees the London gossips to hide out in rural Norfolk as a wealthy widow. But not in her wildest imaginings did she think the estate next door would reveal a stern, handsome, recluse—the perfect man for a restorative affair. It’s just a matter of convincing the brawny redhead that a brazen minx is exactly who he needs.

Once acclaimed at both the Prussian and English royal courts, Prince Wilhelm Heinrich Ashton von Hagan was banished for a shocking scandal that almost caused a diplomatic incident. Now sworn off women and living quietly under an assumed identity, he cannot fall for his luscious new neighbor. No matter how amusing or desperately in need of a spanking the beautiful young blond might be.

But even as two wounded souls find joy and solace in wicked pleasures, an enemy from both their pasts returns. When information is uncovered and horrifying truths come to light, they have one chance to defeat evil and find true love…or lose it forever.
CW: past deaths, toxic relatives, violence

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