Protecting Salvation by Maddie Wade (epub)

Protecting Salvation by Maddie Wade (epub)
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Maddie Wade

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Protecting Salvation by Maddie Wade (epub) Shadow Elite Book 7

Since he was a young boy all he’d wanted was to be a pilot. When that is taken away, Warren ‘Hurricane’ Tanner is left questioning his value. Then he’s offered a second chance as part of Shadow Elite an undercover black Ops group who don’t exist on paper. Finding that lifeline, he holds on with both hands until that too is almost snatched away by a cruel twist of fate, leaving him adrift once again.

When Peyton Lawson is thrust back into his life, he wonders if his attraction to the trauma councillor is a selfish risk he’s willing to take. When Peyton becomes the target of vicious killer, he knows the question isn’t if he’s willing, but if anyone would dare to stop him from protecting the woman who’s become his everything.

With forces beyond his control hampering his abilities, he must lean on his team and the woman he loves to show him that he was never alone, and that sometimes the only way to fly is to set your expectations free.

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