Rammed by the Aries by Kameron Claire (ePub & PDF)


Rammed by the Aries by Kameron Claire (ePub & PDF)
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Kameron Claire
April 3, 2023
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Rammed by the Aries by Kameron Claire (ePub & PDF)

What happens when your one-night-stand is the father of your ex-boyfriend and your primary competition for a partnership with the company of your dreams?

Age-gap, Daddy-Dom vibes, forbidden romance

Vanessa: Taylor and Morvick—one of the best marketing agencies / PR firms in the country—put out a competition for a partnership with their lucrative firm. They also happen to be headquartered in Spring City, Colorado—my hometown—which I’ve been looking forward to getting back to for a while. I thought growing my career would shackle me to big cities like Chicago, New York, or LA, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I don’t plan to lose.

Anxious about my presentation, my one drink at the hotel bar turns into two, and next thing I know I’m achieving multiple Os with a veritable stranger in his hotel suite. I will say, I’m a lot more relaxed in the morning. That is—until said stranger walks into the offices of Taylor & Morvick as my chief competition and my ex-bully boyfriend’s father.

Konstantine: I will admit, I wasn’t there for my son as a child. Far too young and immature to be a father myself, I sent his mother money every month and let her build a life with a man she loved who was a better dad than I could ever be. That doesn’t mean I don’t have regrets. So when my now adult son asks for my help to win a partnership with Spring City’s premier marketing agency, I put my name and money behind the endeavor and fly in from NY to support him.

I don’t normally do one-night stands, but the woman at the hotel bar is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen and in obvious need of stress relief. How can I say no? I hope to stretch our amazing night into a long weekend, but then I realize we’re not only competing for the opportunity she has her heart set on, but my son is the only man to have ever broken her heart—something he uses to torment her with during her presentation.

Now I’m torn between supporting my estranged son or the woman I’m rapidly falling for who I now know is young enough to be my daughter. Can I do both? If not, who will I choose?

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