Reckless Hunger by Maxine Henri (epub)

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Reckless Hunger by Maxine Henri (epub) Reckless Billionaires

I want him to be my first everything. If only he wasn’t my professor.

I’ve been the good girl for too long. I’m ready to lose control… to give him my v-card.
Andrea Cassinetti.
Infamous bad boy billionaire in the art world, known for his talent and vices.
He’s too old for me. Too arrogant. Too everything.
But nothing matters anymore because my professor has a new addiction.

I’m a man known for his vices.
Talent, sure, but mostly I’m the arrogant artist.
One who would set himself on fire to see what the fire looks like when it burns me to the bone.
I’ve seen it all. Done it all. The world has become painfully dull.
Until her.
She’s too young for me. Too sweet. Too pure.
It doesn’t matter, my obsession latches onto her like she’s my new fix.
I already know, right or wrong, forbidden or not… She’s mine.
I’m going to burn and I’m taking her with me.

A part of the Reckless Billionaire series, Reckless Hunger is an age-gap, forbidden love standalone romance with a HEA.

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