Reckless Obsession by Deborah Garland (epub)

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Reckless Obsession by Deborah Garland (epub) Astoria Royals Book 6

Eoghan’s Story- He’s a Fixer, but she’s his insatiable fix…

After I pull a fast one in her Las Vegas courtroom, prosecutor Jillian Diamond gets drunk in a bar and gives me a piece of her mind. But we settle the score tangled in the sheets, where I show her I’m even better in the bedroom than the courtroom.

Only, to my surprise, I’m her first.

That changes everything, releasing a side of me I don’t know how to control.

Obsessed doesn’t begin to describe my behavior when I find a dating app on her phone and men in her DMs who want what I just got.

I will keep her from touching another man by wearing a mask to give her the fantasies she craves.

Don’t ask me how I know what her fantasies are.
Or how I get into her locked apartment.
Or how I spy on her through my phone.

She has no idea the attorney she hates and loves mouthing off to during the day is the same man driving her crazy at night.

Watching her.
Manipulating her.
Obsessing over her.

But with every touch, I’m slowly unraveling, risking everything for one more taste of my diamond in the rough.

When my enemy targets her, I’m ready to burn down this entire city because Jillian belongs to me.

And no one touches what’s mine.

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