Book Requests

Here you can request any book you desire. Just comment on the name of the book and author and we will try to upload the book as soon as possible. In the meantime you can browse through the books we have to see if there is anything you may like.

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  1. Qwerty says:

    Hi can you post all lovebite shorts book? here’s all her books

  2. N.D. says:

    Can you post To Flail Against Infinity (The Stargazer’s War #1) ?

  3. Sai says:

    Hi, request for book Damned If You Don’t by Lovelyn Bleu

  4. Sai says:

    Lovelyn Bleu

    Damned If You Will – Book 2
    Damned If You Don’t – Book 3

  5. Vic says:

    Can you post both feet in the grave by jeaniene frost and airplane games by cat wynn? TIA

  6. Semi says:

    From the Grave (Arcana Chronicles) by Kresley Cole

  7. IC says:

    Hey, can you please post Love Detour and Long Time Coming?

  8. Ida Carlsson says:

    Hi i saw that you had the first book, i was wondering if you could add the rest of these books in the rescued by the monsters series by Alana khan.

    Monster’s prize (book 2) :

    Monster’s treasure (book 3):

    Monsters’ Gift (book 4):

  9. Denise says:

    For You by Jodi Ellen Malpas please
    Thank you

  10. Denise says:

    Voss by Jessica Gadziala please

    Thank you

  11. Denise says:

    Blade Of Ice #1 Rise of a Warrior by Jessica Wayne please

    Thank you

  12. Zoe says:

    Hey! Can you possibly post Defending The Player by Elouise Tynan?

  13. Mukti Panchal says:

    Are you able to get Dr Luna by JM Snap. Its on Dreame. thanks

  14. Bibi says:

    Hey, can you possibly post Fool’s folly by ophelia bell?

  15. Fati says:

    Can you guys upload this book called Daddy Doctor (Anna’s Prison Exam)

  16. Lina says:

    Hi! Could you possibly upload The Scent of You by Ashley Mack?

  17. Michelle says:

    Save one thing by J. Wolf please
    Thank you!

  18. Harshitha Priya B M says:

    Can you please share Charlie love and cliches by Ella maise.

  19. Harshitha Priya B M says:

    Charlie love and cliches by Ella maise please

  20. Harshitha Priya B M says:

    Rewrite our story by kat singleton

  21. Fr says:

    Rules We Break (One Night #5) – Dana Isaly


  22. Nr says:

    Rules We Break by Dana Isaly

  23. Annika says:

    Control me by Michelle heard please

  24. Meto says:

    I dont see my message from yesterday. Wonder what happened to it. Will you be adding the rest of the books you had? I remember you had close to 200 pages or so? Now it just says 33 pages

    • Admin says:

      which book was it? sorry i cant find your previous comment

      • Meto says:

        Maybe i did not word it right. Sorry about that. What i meant was will you be adding the rest of the books you had on here? Before the name switch there was more the 200 pages of books on here. Hope that is a little better wording

      • Meto says:

        Sorry, i kknow it has been a bit of time but i am still wondering this.

        Sorry again i know you are busy

  25. Fr says:

    Harvest Massacre – A. Briar


  26. Hanane says:

    Hi can u pls upload “the unwanted marriage” by catharina maura?

  27. Liv says:

    Do you have “The Unwanted Marriage” By Catharina Maura? Thanks!

  28. Kamilla brown says:

    Hi can you please add: “All for Knot: Book Two (The Packverse 2)” by ember blaze?

  29. Dani says:

    Hi! Can you upload the new books of AR Taboo? Thanks

  30. Qwerty says:

    Hi can you post this by lovebite shorts.

  31. Vee says:

    Hey,can you please upload 10 signs you need to grovel by kelly siskind.

  32. Fr says:

    Can you upload “Falling for the Enemy: A Charity Anthology” please?


  33. Babs says:

    Can you please try to upload this book, it is book 2 of a duet. Thank you so much!

    What’s Left of Me (Loveless Book 2)
    by Hannah Bird

  34. Idk says:

    Can you upload “royally in trouble” by Meghan Quinn please?

  35. The Grinch says:

    Can you upload the Falling For The Enemy Anthology by Morgan James please?

  36. Hari says:

    Do you Have Corrupting the innocent by P.Rayne?

  37. The Grinch says:

    Playing it Country (Clementine Creek #4) – Alexandra Hale


  38. Nadiah Jasni says:

    The billionaire’s proposal by Olivia Saxton

  39. Kojimin says:

    Can you upload all the books from the author A R Taboo

  40. Harshitha Priya B M says:

    Reckless by Elsie silver please

  41. Priya says:

    Reckless by Elsie silver please

  42. Carly Smith says:

    Reckless by Elsie Silver- there are two poster but they got taken down

  43. MAK says:

    Please upload Cumslut by B. Sobjakken

  44. Sam says:

    Request please. Thanks in advance.

    Forced Submission Bundle 3 by Alexa Riley.

    Dominic by Amalie Barnes (East Coast Series Book 1)

    Luca by Amalie Barnes (East Coast Series Book 2)

  45. Stan says:

    Is it possible to add King of Wrath by Ana Huang?

  46. Chi says:

    Hi! Can u pls upload Witchy Little lies – Kim Richardson

    Magic gone wild – Kim Richardson


  47. Christy says:

    Still looking for ames mills new versions of abbs valley 1-3

    Riches to riches part 1
    Riches to riches part 2
    All I have part 1

    I’ve commented before… but I’m not seeing it anywhere…

    Thanks in advance for whoever fulfills these requests

  48. Babs says:

    Hey there, hope you can help find this book Forgetting You #2 by Brittany Wynne . Thank you for your time!!!

  49. Christy says:

    Looking for the renascence alliance series by alma nilsson. Posting links below this

    Thanks in advance!

  50. M says:

    Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  51. Koi says:

    Breaking the ice can you please upload

  52. Mishal says:

    I want my dark Romeo by LJ shen
    Thank you.

  53. Koi says:

    Please can you upload breaking the ice by Calliope stewart

  54. Fr says:

    Can you upload “Heather and Heartache (Wild Blooms Series)” by VR Tennent please?


  55. MAK says:

    Can you upload this book?

  56. Jane says:

    Can you please upload Matching Infinities by Corissa Blakely

  57. The Grinch says:

    Room Five: Finding Their Good Girl: Club Sin by Imani Jay

    Thank you!

  58. Babs says:

    Can you try to find this book? It’s FINN Bad Education Book #3 Short Stories By B. J. Alpha

    Thank you so much for all you do for us here!!!

  59. Babs says:

    Hope you can find this book for me. Thank you.

  60. rdiani says:

    can you please
    connor by toni kelly (the syndicate series)
    thank you

  61. mirachizu says:

    Hi! Thank you for your hard work! I’ve been looking for this book everywhere, and if you guys could upload this, I would be eternally grateful!

  62. Harshitha Priya B M says:

    The missus by EL James please

  63. mirachizu says:

    Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the effort, most sincerely.

  64. Babs says:

    Hope you can find this book for me. Thank you.

  65. Deb says:

    Can you post matching infinities by Corissa Blakely. Thanks.

  66. Jen says:

    pls upload Sacrilege by T.N. Vitus

  67. Ronica Mothi says:

    Please can you load Amie Barnes books.

  68. Alyssa says:

    Sacrilege by TN Vitus

  69. Alyssa says:

    After the lamb bites back

  70. miro says:

    hi do you have this book?

    hopeless by tellymemore world

    here’s the goodreads link :

    thanks in advance 🙂

  71. Priyaj says:

    Hey could you please upload “New Angels” Lochkhelvin academy book 5 reverse harem na/ya romance by Evie Kady?

  72. M says:

    Will They or Won’t They by Ava Wilder

    Thank you so much for all your help! 🙂

  73. amii says:

    hi do you have this book?

    hopeless by tellymemore world

    amazon link:

    thanks in advance 🙂

  74. miro says:

    hi do you have this book?

    hopeless by tellymemore world

    amazon link:

    thanks in advance

  75. priyal says:

    hey do you have Sacrilege by T.N. Vitus

  76. Christy says:

    Has anyone found the new “trailer park virgin” by ar taboo yet?

  77. SophieDC says:

    Can you guys upload:

    In the business of love –

    Destination You: An Age-Gap Lesbian Romance –

    Thanks in advance!!!
    Kind Regards

  78. Koi says:

    Pretty little heirs by Nicci harris

  79. Patience says:

    Sable peak by devney Perry

  80. hannah says:

    hi, do you have the ryan series by Sadie Kincaid?

  81. Meto says:

    Will you be re-adding the books that where posted on here prior to March 20 2023?

    • Admin says:

      which books do you need? i can repost but now we only repost on request the older books as many are not in demand

      • Meto says:

        Dont remember them . What happened to thr books you had on here ? Before the website namecswitch there was about 220 pages of books

  82. Maddie says:

    Hi, can you post Citadel by Claire Kent? Thank you!

  83. Sohee says:

    Hey, can you post citadel by Claire Kent? It got uploaded today. Ty

  84. M says:


    Will you be able to find these 2 books by Mayra De Gracia?

    Boyband Reconnection & The Boyband Correspondence

    Thank you so much advance!! 🙂

  85. miro says:

    hopeless by tellymemore world

    amazon link:

    thanks in advance

  86. Fr says:

    Resorting to a Rockstar: Mountain Ridge Resort by Stormi Wilde

    Thank you!

  87. Janel says:

    C*mslut by B Sobjakken

    Thank you for your help!

  88. Janel says:

    Oracle (Sex With Monsters) by Kaye Draper

    Thank you for your help!

  89. Tille says:


    Two of a kind:


  90. Christy says:

    Looking for the new version of Saint by sinclair kelly


  91. Christy says:

    I have the new version of trailer park virgin. How do I share?

  92. Spencer says:

    Requesting Knot So Lucky by Trilina Pucci
    Thank you 🙂

  93. Harshitha Priya B M says:

    Knot so lucky by trilina pucci please

  94. MD says:

    July is for Jonas by Dylan Crush & Eve London

  95. Chi says:

    Hi! The link of “Crimson River by Devney Perry” is not available, can u pls re-uploaded? Thank u

  96. Dania says:

    Hello ! the file don’t work anymore, is it possible to fix it ?

  97. PriyaJo says:

    Could you please share “Mafie kings- brutal boys of Mafie” by T.R. Oldin?

  98. Stella says:

    Hi, please can you post legacy for Katherine by Nicole riddley

  99. Sofia says:

    Retrogress by YD La Mar

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the reads

  100. M says:

    Sacrilege by TN Vitus

  101. Fr says:

    Her Loving Shadow (Dark Hearts Mafia) – Andi Lynn

    Thank you!

  102. Karen07 says:

    Chasing Moon by HJ Stallard

  103. Karen says:

    Hi can you find chasing moon by HJ Stallard!

    Thank you

  104. The Grinch says:

    Resorting to a Rockstar (Mountain Ridge Resort) – Stormi Wilde

    Thank you!

  105. Christy says:

    Still needing the updated versions of the abbs valley series by ames mills. TIA

  106. Kate says:

    Hi i would love to have “The Infinite city” serie by Tiffany Roberts…! Thanks !

  107. Kate says:

    Hi, sorry i have another request “Dragon mates” (9 book serie) by Meg Ripley ! Thanks again !

  108. Harshitha Priya B M says:

    The way i hate him
    meghan quinn

  109. Christy says:

    Looking for cut off your nose to spite your face by Nicki grace. It’s not 2 seperate books, it’s one book… thanks in advance!

  110. Isabella says:

    Hi looking for “Giovanni (Breeding Her – The Dark Edition)” by Lovebite Shorts. Thank you very much !!!!

  111. Dee says:

    Can you update the page for Aine by Invi Wright? The download link does not work. Thank you in advance.

  112. Christy says:

    Submitting to cerberus by Naomi lucas please

  113. Isabella says:

    Hi can you please get these 2 books?

    1. Brutal Oath: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Mara Nan

    2. Giovanni (Breeding Her – The Dark Edition) by Lovebite Shorts

  114. The Grinch says:

    Could you please upload the book- A Ryan Review (A New York Ruthless short story) by Sadie Kincaid?

    Thank you!

  115. Isabella says:

    Hi can you please get this book?

    Giovanni (Breeding Her – The Dark Edition) by Lovebite Shorts

  116. Isabella says:

    Hi. Giovanni (Breeding Her – The Dark Edition) by Lovebite Shorts

  117. Fr says:

    Can you upload the Smutty Shorts by Jolie Vines please?

    Thank you so much!

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