Retreat by M Guida & Michael Anderle (epub)

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Retreat by M Guida & Michael Anderle (epub) Paranormal Mercenary Corps Book 5

Bakas absorbing Garrick’s powers threatens the survival of both the Unseelie Realm and the Court of Blossoms.

Chelby and her team must retrieve two sacred crosses that have been hidden in treacherous locations to counter his grab for power. Their infiltration of the Unseelie Realm is triumphant but becomes costly when their escape is thwarted by Bakas’ super-soldiers.

Shattered and injured, Chelby’s belief in her leadership is shaken. But they can’t afford to submit to defeat.

The second cross and the fate of their world hangs in the balance.

Fueled by their loss and a need for redemption, the team devise a daring plan to retrieve the second cross and unmask a potential traitor.

Just when victory is within reach, they are blindsided by an insidious betrayal and must fight to survive a relentless assault. The Court of Blossoms is crumbling, their allies have been captured or injured, and all hope seems lost.

But hope often glimmers brightest in the darkest moments.

An unexpected ally arrives, igniting resilience the team didn’t know they possessed.

Chelby’s fight is not over. It’s only just begun. With newfound resolve and rediscovered strength, the team prepares for the final battle.

Will they save their realm from Bakas? Can they stand and fight, no matter the cost to themselves?

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