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Revel by R Phillips (epub) Mortals at Play Book 1

“I’m right here.”


Macallan Astor is a self-entitled manwh*re with little to no consideration for the fact he lives with three other people. I’ve been at the house in LA that’s supposed to be my fresh start for two months now and at this point… I’m about one Victoria’s Secret model screaming in the pool at night away from chucking him right into the Pacific.

But the cost of my fresh start is high so when he comes to me with a solution that can solve all my problems… There’s really no way I can say no.

And if my answer just so happens to have a little something to do with the chink in his armor that’s tugging at me, all the better.

Because maybe helping him is exactly the kind of brave I want to be.


Tiffany Monroe, more commonly referred to as the she-devil in my head, has to be the most polite version of a f*ck off I’ve ever received in my life. She’s been silently condemning me with those judgy eyes of hers ever since we first met. But when the nightmare that is my father threatens to cut me off unless I comply with his demands… I’m left with only one way out.

The girl who hates me.

Because who better to strike a deal with than the one person who is moral enough to not ask for more at the end?

I’ve always been good at putting on a show. Let’s just hope I can keep this one up for long enough that she doesn’t notice I’m sinking in so many ways.

And falling a little more day by day.

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