Rider’s Secret by Aria Ray (epub)


Rider’s Secret by Aria Ray (epub)
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Aria Ray
July 3, 2023
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Rider’s Secret by Aria Ray (epub) avage Legion MC, Prequel

In the hellfire of a biker war, an old flame resurfaces, carryin’ a secret set to blow my world to pieces.

Serving my country alongside my bro Siege was my damn purpose in this world ’til an IED turned me into a scarred beast, endin’ my military days.

Adjustin’ to civilian life ain’t no damn walk in the park, but Siege always has my back. Now, he’s ridin’ with his old man’s MC, and when he calls for help, I don’t think twice.

The Savage Legion MC teeters on the edge after those rival bastards took out Siege’s pops, the Prez. Bloodshed looms as we unearth wicked shit in the club’s underbelly.

Amidst the chaos, I cross paths with Fran, my old flame, still as beautiful and sweet as ever. Somehow, she ain’t scared off by my scars or the demons that haunt me. Even her daughter, Amy, ain’t fazed.

Datin’ in a biker war is pure madness, but I chase Fran like a man possessed. Old flames reignite, and I’m near proposin’. But when Fran’s secret’s revealed, will it shatter my life once more?

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