Rise of the Beastkin by JJ Bookerson (epub)

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Rise of the Beastkin by JJ Bookerson (epub) Bonded Summoner Book 3

The Eldritch Horror believes victory is imminent, but it didn’t count on Hestia’s Champion

Jake’s family arrive at Cascadia to find an army of the dead at the gates of the Alliance stronghold. He immediately launches an attack to save his new allies.

But it’s not just the city that’s at risk, the entire planet of Highlands and the millions of Beastkin that live there are under threat from the armies of Tartarus. To liberate it, he will have to assume the mantle of leadership and empower the Beastkin, forming his Guild and uniting the tribes.

Will Jake have what it takes to become their savior, leading the Beastkin to their redemption? Or will millions die, their ancient legacy to be lost forever?

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