Rival Hero by Jackie Walker (epub)

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Rival Hero by Jackie Walker (epub) A Redleg Security Novel

I never planned on sleeping with him. Nor did I intend to make him my enemy.
I only went into the bar to scope out my competition – him.
The scorching hot night that followed was a mutually pleasurable accident.

Of course I knew we were in the running for the same position.
It’s not my fault he didn’t know who I was.
Gathering intel is my specialty.
Maybe if he were better at it, he would have gotten the job instead of me.

I tried my hardest to resist our chemistry, but he was too damn hot.
Too charming. Too funny. Too masculine.
And he smelled so freaking good.
My hormones took over.

Now we’re working together on the Redleg Security intelligence team.
Every day. High stress. Close quarters.
Sexual chemistry off the charts.
But he hates me.

The thing is… he should hate me.
I treated him like a pawn.
But he’s a real man with dreams, passion, and pain.
And I’ve never wanted someone as much as I want him.

But it’s too late for us.
I made us rivals when we could have been so much more.

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