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Roundabout by A. Marie (epub) Creekwood Book 4

We’re not in Creekwood anymore…
Ten years ago I moved in next to three of the hottest bikers, nosiest neighbors, and best friends a girl could ask for.

Now, a decade later, Coty Walsh, Beckett Meyers, and Marc Vega are my family. And while the landscape around us may have changed, make no mistake, we’re all still up to our same old tricks. Some of us more than others.

Days before I’m finally about to marry Coty, an unexpected opportunity opens up on the roundabout I’ve been stuck circling, giving me a glimpse of another happily ever after, one that could jeopardize ours.
Last time I chose a path that led me away from him, Coty waited for me.

This time…I’m not sure he will.
Round and round I go, back to the beginning we know.

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