Ruby and the Huntsman by Cassi Hart (epub)

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Ruby and the Huntsman by Cassi Hart (epub) Happily Ever After Mountain Book 4

All my life I’ve been told to be careful of the man that lives in the woods. For the most part, I’ve been careful, except this one time. It’s pouring rain, and the only dangerous thing I’ve run into out here is a pack of wolves. All I wanted to do was get to the next town over so that I could try to win a contest with a prize that could help fund my dreams. Now I’m stranded in a cabin with a big, handsome, kind stranger who matches the description of the dangerous brute who supposedly lives out here. Is this really the man everyone is afraid of?

I like my life out here alone. I get to do things on my own time, tend to my chickens and my gardens as I see fit. And then Ruby stumbles into my life, chased by a pack of wolves. She’s pretty and sweet and everything I didn’t realize I was missing in my life. My father taught me that the people living in the village are judgmental and not worth my time, but I’m beginning to wonder if that wasn’t really fair of him. Ruby is everything I never knew I wanted. Can I make her see that I’m not what the other villagers say I am?

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