Ruling Sikthand by Victoria Aveline (epub) FREE

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Ruling Sikthand by Victoria Aveline (epub) FREE The Clecanian Series Book 7

Sophia never thought she was unlucky until she was kidnapped by aliens. Twice.

Sophia had simple expectations for her planetary tour. She assumed she’d see the sights, meet new people, and fend off her boredom. She never thought she’d end the trip as an alien captive. But here she is, the guest of a grumpy, sexy, warrior king who looks at her like he’s not sure if he wants to kill her, or claim her as his own.

Sikthand hadn’t planned to take the stubborn little human hostage. But with political tensions at an all-time high, he had no choice. He would unflinchingly use her as a bargaining chip to secure better relations with the new Tremantian ruler. He would not, however, fall prey to her charms. No matter how tempting she might be.

When Sophia and Sikthand realize how far their enemies are willing to go to grab galactic power, they’re forced into an unlikely alliance—and possibly a marriage of convenience—to protect their people. It’s a good plan, too, if they don’t do anything irrational along the way. Like falling in love.

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