Ruthless Sinner by Ivy Blake (ePub & PDF)


Ruthless Sinner by Ivy Blake (ePub & PDF)
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Ivy Blake
April 1, 2023
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Ruthless Sinner by Ivy Blake (ePub & PDF)

Dark. Sexy. Possessive. Cruel.
What’s worse than the sexy tattooed guy who hates my guts?
Finding out he’s my new roommate.

Elijah Blackmoor hates everyone, but he hates me the most.
Living with him is hell.
He disappears every night and comes back at 3am
smelling of blood and gasoline.
I know I’m as good as dead
when I follow him one night and discover his horrific secret.

Elijah is adamant about keeping his secret safe
by whatever means necessary.
He’s obsessed with getting me wet and making me suffer.
There isn’t a line Elijah won’t cross.
My parents warned me about guys like him,
devils dressed as beautiful nightmares
that will destroy you in a heartbeat.
Instead of pushing me away, his darkness only pulls me in deeper.
He can hate and humiliate me as much as he wants,
but if I spill his secret, Elijah is over.
If I’m not careful, his darkness will be the death of me.

‘Ruthless Sinner’ is a standalone dark college bully romance that is part of a series of standalone novels set at Oakwood Academy. Oakwood Academy is a spin off with some characters featured in the Valley High series. It’s not necessary to read that series to enjoy Oakwood. This is a new series that can be read completely on its own.

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