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Getting married is supposed to be the best day of your life, but for Aria Alexander this is not the case. Struggling between the duty to her family and duty to her heart, she doesn’t know what choice to make. Unable to ease her doubts, she only sees one solution to her problem. To run! Without a second thought, Aria flees, landing her in the presence of Sarge.

Respected by many, Sarge Dubois name rings bells in the streets. With his new business venture taking off, he can’t help but to feel on top of the world. Despite being a boss, his top priority is taking care of his most prized possession, his daughter.

After an unusual encounter with Aria, he gives her an opportunity that not only helps her but helps him as well. With plans to keep things strictly business, he attempts to keep things professional; however even he can’t deny the attraction between the two. With sparks flying, the pair try to battle their feelings for one another, but this tasks proves to be more difficult than either of them could anticipate.

Finally ready to give in to temptation, neither were prepared to face the obstacles that would be thrown their way. From doubt within, to a bitter baby mama, everything seems to try and tear them apart. Will the two survive and let love lead them or will they give into everything trying to tear them apart?

Download SARGE DUBOIS by LATOYA NICOLE in epub below.

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