Scarlett by Cinder Blaze (epub)


Scarlett by Cinder Blaze (epub)
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Cinder Blaze
May 3, 2023
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Scarlett by Cinder Blaze (epub) Forget Me Knot Book 1

No one wishes to know my name.

I’m the unclaimed Omega of one of the strongest mafia empires Chicago has ever dealt with.
To the world, I’m but a shadow. A secret. The final chess piece that’s ready to checkmate anyone who dares to mess with me and the few unclaimed Omegas I protect.

At least, until my Alpha, Alfonso Russo Jr, betrays me.

What’s better than your mark being sliced off your flesh and being left to be slain by your ex’s malicious henchmen?
Catching the scent of your bonded match before fighting for your life.

I woke up in the house of a new pack in a different state filled with dangers of its own, but boy, are these Alphas a group of velvety sinners I’d drop my panties for.

Enzo, Maverick, Rhys, and Cain are four of the most ruthless Alphas known in the black market of New York City, but they’re unbonded, psychotic, possessive, and a group that I actually enjoy being around.

It’s a challenge I’m willing to take as long as I get my revenge.

They’ll help me all in exchange for one thing: my name.

For the first time in my life, I may have found a group I wish to keep around and claim.

Can they keep my identity safe so we can prevail in this game of survival? Or will claiming their Omega all be in vain because of my betrayer?

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