Scottsdale Scandal by B A Trimmer (epub)

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Scottsdale Scandal by B A Trimmer (epub) Laura Black Mysteries Book 10

Laura Black is looking for a man, a dead one!
Scottsdale’s favorite investigator, Laura Black, has a client with a problem–she can’t find her dead brother’s body. As Laura searches, she stumbles onto an international ring of ruthless black market antiquity smugglers. With multiple groups hunting for ancient Egyptian treasures, Laura quickly finds she’s in over her head. Add to that, Max’s housekeeper Beatrice has a problem. Every year she loses the Scottsdale Cookie and Cake Club’s cupcake bake-off to a talentless woman called Kaitlin Kingston. Is this Devil Woman merely fooling around with the judge, or are there deadlier shenanigans afoot?

With equal parts of romance, thrills, mystery, and adventure, Scottsdale Scandal is the perfect book for a day at the beach or a night by the fire.

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