Secret Baby with my Boss’s Brother by Ava Gray (epub) FREE

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Secret Baby with my Boss’s Brother by Ava Gray (epub) FREE Alpha Billionaire

3 things you shouldn’t do when you’re a billionaire’s nanny:

Sleep with his brother
Get pregnant
Keep it a secret for 5 years…

I learned actions have consequences the hard way. All it took was one summer fling with my boss’s brother, and I ended up pregnant and devastated after hearing a secret that changed everything.

Five years later, Kincaid reappears, pretending nothing’s wrong.

And unfortunately for me, the gorgeous older man is even more irresistible than he was years ago… He also has no idea there’s a little girl called Kim waiting for me at home.

A little girl that looks just like him.

But Kincaid never pursued me. Nothing will change that – not even him wining and dining me to win back my affection. I will not be fooled twice.

Except maybe I’ve got it all wrong…

Maybe my stubbornness drove me away when all Kincaid wanted was for me to be back in his arms. Is it too late to save the family we could have had?

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