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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Feb 27, 2023
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Secret Spy: Operation Love MOD APK

As the world’s top special agent, your job is to save your target and yourself from a deadly plot that could end your career—permanently. You’ve trained from an early age to be completely untraceable, but now you’ve got a sassy heiress hostage, a dependable mission coordinator, and a renowned gadget expert all yearning to declassify your personal dossier. Will you remain an enigma as you travel across the globe or will you decide to reveal bits and pieces of yourself, eagerly leaving much to their imagination?


Meet Rebecca — Codename: Helen

She may be the daughter and heir to a giant conglomerate that dominates much of the world, but Rebecca’s not interested in her father’s business and prefers to carve her own path. Condescending and commanding, she can be very stubborn and definitely doesn’t like to be told what to do—even as a hostage. Can you find a way to wrangle this brassy beauty?

Meet Lucy — Codename: Ishtar

Your business partner who also acts as your job coordinator, Lucy used to handle jobs on her own but started partnering with you after a life-changing, dangerous mission. Her father, a former SAS member, taught her everything she knows about combat and survival techniques. Although she claims that her relationship with you is strictly business, that might not be entirely true…

Meet Masako — Codename: Athena

A true technological magician, Masako’s job is to support you with all sorts of gadgets. You’ve worked with her father for years and have known her since she was a teenager. Is she tagging along because she wants to help unravel the murderous plot against you, or is there a deeper reason for her following you on this dangerous mission?


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