Seeing Red in Gretna Green by Linzi Day (epub)

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Seeing Red in Gretna Green by Linzi Day (epub) Midlife Recorder Book 4

Have you ever agreed to something and, when the time came, wondered what planet your mouth had been on when it accepted the invitation?
Welcome to my freaking world.

A warning from a Fae seer didn’t help Tilly and me get into the right mood for our break in Prince Dai ap Modron’s ‘lovely mountain home’ for the St. David’s Day festival.

What was supposed to be a well-earned holiday quickly turned into a nightmare.

Did I mention the unbelievable cold? The snowstorm? The complete absence of drinkable coffee?

As if that wasn’t enough, King Troels of the Vikings launched a surprise attack on the Gateway, leaving us scrambling to fend off the invaders. But then the power took a liking to Prince Rollo … nope, enough. No spoilers!
You just need to read the book.

“The best new series I’ve read this year.”

Revisit the bizarre mix of Celtic realms trapped in history when Niki—with the help of her sentient house, Dola—discovers not everyone can be trusted. Join all your favourite characters as they reunite in the Red Celt realm for a gruesome and hilarious sentencing hearing. And Niki learns more about dragon politics than she ever wanted to know.

Seeing Red introduces new faces while rekindling the magic and humour with old favourites. This cosy contemporary fantasy novel will keep you enthralled, laughing, and craving doughnuts from beginning to end.

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