Shadow Witch by M. Sinclair (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Shadow Witch by M. Sinclair (Epub PDF Audiobook) Phases of the Moon Book 3

The story revolves around a character who finds herself in a precarious situation at Dark Imaginarium Academy. The once-safe refuge has become a danger zone, compelling her to escape with five men she’s grown to trust and care for deeply.

However, the threat posed by Carmina has escalated, forcing them to seek safety within the Nyx estate. Despite the supposedly secure environment, the protagonist’s hidden past resurfaces, unraveling surprising revelations about her lineage. This newfound knowledge compels her to contemplate seeking out Astaroth to confront the threat looming over the realm, which she believes is tied to her.

“Shadow Witch” explores mature themes and is intended for adult audiences. It contains violence, mature content, depictions of PTSD, past instances of abuse, and sexual scenes. The narrative doesn’t involve typical high school scenarios but instead delves into a complex world filled with mature and sometimes dark elements. The relationships depicted involve a group of men intent on protecting the protagonist rather than engaging in bullying behavior.

This book is part of the Phases of the Moon series within the Dark Imaginarium Academy shared universe. While each series can be read independently, they are interconnected, and reading them all is recommended to fully grasp the intricacies of the world created by the author.

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