Shattered by C P Rider (epub)


Shattered by C P Rider (epub)
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C P Rider
May 5, 2023
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Shattered by C P Rider (epub)

An Urban Fantasy Romance novel
A telepath with a lethal twist.

My name is Neely and I live among shapeshifters in the desert truckstop town of Sundance, California. As a telepath-spiker, I can read a person’s thoughts.

I can also spike deadly power straight into their brain.

Since narrowly escaping a paranormal prison with my life, I made a promise to use my abilities to protect myself and my friends—including my boyfriend, alpha leader, Lucas Blacke.

No more hesitation, no more second-guessing, no more rules.

My epiphany comes at the perfect time. My life in Sundance is more dangerous than ever–the shifter attacks on me haven’t slowed, I’m battling enemies within the Blacke group, and now there’s a powerful new beast with the ability to climb inside my head, hunting me.

In the past, I sat back and waited for my enemies to attack. No more. This time, I’m taking the fight to them.

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