Silver Fox’s Secret Baby by Ajme Williams (epub)

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Silver Fox’s Secret Baby by Ajme Williams (epub) Heart of Hope

My boss stabbed my heart when he shipped me across country to fix a mistake we made.

He slept with me, knowing that I was his daughter’s best friend.

That jerk has no idea I’ve kept a secret from him for years.

He doesn’t know there’s a little boy whose eyes look just like his.

If only my disappearance was permanent, he would remain a secret.

But I’m back in New York.

And every breath I take reminds me of the time Henry pinned me against the wall and got me pregnant.

I must make sure that never happens again.

Especially now that I’m in a crisis, and he’s the only one that can help me.

The guilt eats at me every time he comes close.

But this silver fox will soon bear the consequences he hoped to escape all those years ago.

Coming face to face with his own flesh and blood would lead to a decision that might break not two… but three hearts.

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