Sinful Temptation by Poppy St. John (epub)

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Sinful Temptation by Poppy St. John (epub) Kings & Consorts Book 2

I’ve been forced into an arranged marriage with the heir of the Italian mafia.
My brother made it clear.
Either I marry him, or he’ll make me wish I was dead.
I knew what was expected of me.
Put on a smile. Sit pretty. Say nothing.
What I didn’t expect was him.
My fiancée’s father. Twenty-five years older.
And the only man who’s ever seen me.

It should’ve been a simple arrangement.
But she ruined it. Ruined me.
Nina was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen.
Strong, intelligent…a virgin.
And my son’s fiancée.
I never wanted anything more.
To my credit, I tried to resist her.
But when her safety is threatened, I snap.
My son can’t have her.
Because no one touches what’s mine.

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