Skin and Bone by Lisa Phillips (epub)

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Skin and Bone by Lisa Phillips (epub) Brand of Justice Book 5

Dark secrets in northern Washington.
Kenna is only slightly hiding from testifying in federal hearings about her actions in Las Vegas when a routine stakeout yields a mysterious invitation—and a startling connection to a case her father worked in his FBI days. Driven by her curiosity and a desire to reconcile her father’s past, Kenna explores the derelict compound where Max Banbury rescued a group of children from a deadly cult. While there, Kenna encounters a couple of trespassing teens. One is injured, and the other disappears, making it seem like the Children of the Morning might not be as dead as everyone thinks.

Yet, Kenna is not alone in her quest.
Even with Jax occupied by his duties in D.C. assisting the Department of Justice in closing the Rushman case, Kenna finds herself surrounded by allies in unexpected places. Plus she’s got Maizie and Stairns, with their unique expertise, to help her figure out exactly what is happening—though not before things quickly become deadly. As a hidden group relentlessly pursues the child under Kenna’s protection, driven by insidious motives, she knows one thing for sure…

Her brand of justice is the only way to end this.

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