Slap Shot Seduction by London Casey (epub)

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Slap Shot Seduction by London Casey (epub) SOLA Empire Hockey Romances Book 3

After some “off the ice legal troubles” I’m forced to see a sports psychologist. A shrink? Bullsh*t. The only thing that makes this worse is the doc I have to see is the first and only girl-slash-woman to ever break my heart.
(And now she wants to deep dive into the deepest and darkest parts of my mind?)
I’m in BIG trouble.
Morally. Ethically.
(Maybe that one is a little bit of a stretch…)
Okay, ready for the story?
(Inhales a deep breath…)

The guy I’ve been with for a long time, who can’t get hard for me, says he can get hard for strippers and other women…
So this is my issue now?
(Why does that matter?)
I’m a psychologist.
I’m a trained professional.
I’m a DOCTOR, dammit.

So when I see my first true love’s name on a form, the right thing to do is pass it along.
I cannot see Joe as a patient.
Not after all we went through.
Yet there I am, ignoring all half decent judgement, and next thing I know, Joe is sitting across from me…
He’s angry.
He’s temporarily suspended from his hockey team.
There’s millions of dollars on the line.
His career.

My career.
All those ethic and moral boundaries I mentioned earlier.
(But I’m still in love with Joe! I never stopped loving him!)
Well, I guess I just gave away what you assumed would happen next… because Joe and I are like popcorn kernels meeting oil and heat.
(OMG – does that make any sense at all?)
I don’t know.. . maybe my life and career imploding is just one big romantic gesture!
(UGH – Joe was just supposed to always be my ex!)

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