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Slower by A.W. Scott (epub)

Austen Page is everything I want in a man.
Brilliant. Gorgeous. Loyal.
There’s only one major problem.
He’s straight.
Or at least I think he is.
I’ve never seen him date, never heard him mention wanting someone.
And I surely would have heard since he’s my best friend’s younger brother.
When pressure rises from all directions, a plan comes forth. One in which Austen helps by pretending to be my boyfriend.
My matchmaking parents will stop pestering me to settle down, and then I’ll be able to write another hit album for my label.
It’s totally foolproof since Austen has never seen me that way.
There is no chance of it getting messy or complicated.
Things start feeling a lot less fake and a little more real with each day that passes.
I fight between wanting more with him and begging to take things slower so I can savor every moment.
Can forever really exist between us if it starts with a lie?

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