Snaring Emberly by Gigi Styx (epub)

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Snaring Emberly by Gigi Styx (epub)

Revenge was supposed to be simple, but love had other plans


When an abusive ex corners me in a nightclub, I cling to the first man I see for protection.

Little do I know he’s a mafia Don, fresh out of prison and eager for a one-night stand.

One night extends into two, then three. I’m beginning to suspect I can’t leave.

But every time I raise questions, he answers with offers impossible to resist.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if I’m just paranoid or a pawn in a much larger game.


When a man gets jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, the first thing he wants after leaving death row is vengeance.

The bastard who framed me stole my fortune and bequeathed it to his daughter, Emberly.

My plan is simple: Seduce her, force her to give back what’s mine, then put a bullet through her skull.

But one taste of her gets me obsessed and my plans turn to dust.

Snaring Emberly is a dark romance containing themes that may be disturbing to some. Please check the warnings inside the book.

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