Solace by Taylor McNiff (epub)


Solace by Taylor McNiff (epub)
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Taylor McNiff
May 12, 2023
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Solace by Taylor McNiff (epub) Veterans of Callenburg Book 3

Free. Abel is free now. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling him. No more trafficking. No more abuse. He gets to have a happy ending. He can do whatever he wants. Be anything he wants. The world is at his fingertips – and he’s never been more terrified. But then Ashton Miller shows up with his gentle smiles and endless patience, calling Abel his ‘little wolf’ and looking at Abel like he’s actually worth something, and Abel doesn’t feel quite so afraid anymore. Home. Ashton Miller always thought his end would come in the form of a bullet. He was okay with that. He never really thought he was cut out for more. For a happy ending. For a place or a person to call home. But now he’s done. No more private contracts. No more fighting the bad guys. He can do anything he wants. Be anything he wants. The world is at his fingertips – but he doesn’t want it. All he wants is Abel.

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