Sophia Finds Faith by Krissyann Granger (epub)


Sophia Finds Faith by Krissyann Granger (epub)
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Krissyann Granger
June 30, 2023
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Sophia Finds Faith by Krissyann Granger (epub) The Maxwell Brides Series: Book Eight

Sophia’s mind has been twisted and she doesn’t know which way to turn. The only option she can see is to tie herself to another man. Can this flirt find the courage to wait for the right man?

Brian may be a playful prankster, but he’s also a deadly protector. He knows the women in the Rose Dunn Rescue House need more than physical healing. They need space to heal emotionally and mentally as well. No matter how alluring he finds the flirtatious Sophia, he’s determined to keep his space from her. He’s been in love before and he recognizes the feeling as it sneaks up on him.

A surprise announcement throws these two together in a way neither of them expect.

Can Brian bring himself to allow love into his life again? Can Sophia allow herself to drop the act she’s been forced to play, and trust Brian?

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