Spies Like Us by Lexie Winston (epub)

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Spies Like Us by Lexie Winston (epub) M.I.T.H.O.S Book 2

When the party that was supposed to shed light on the underground world of Summerville went pear shaped and revealed the death of a team member they ended up with more questions than answers.

Who killed Bishop and why? Was it because he got too close to the truth or was he going rogue and crossed the wrong person?

If they want their answers Kenzie will have to play her part well for her new ‘job’ to get to the heart of the operation. Not to mention a new auction date has been set and the ‘merchandise’ will be lost if the team doesn’t move fast.

Can the team figure it out in time, or will their setbacks leave them turning in circles?

Only time will tell. But what about Kenzie’s ghost status? She only has until the end of the case to decide if she’ll remain part of Team Basilisk or return to her lonely role. Time is ticking and with their uncertain future and lives on the line, Kenzie and the team have their work cut out for them.

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