Starshine by Alethea Faust (epub)

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Starshine by Alethea Faust (epub) A Straetham Story (Sex Wizards)

A half-orc exiled.

A girl sold to pay her father’s debt.

After the results of an honor duel, Garret leaves his clan to escape his guilt only to face the cruelty of humans in the mountain city of Frostcliff. He finds unexpected employment as security for the city’s high-end brothel, and the even more unexpected company of Bridgette, the brothel’s resident star.

Magic is a rare gift that only exists in the bloodlines of the rich and royal, and yet the unlikely pair find the spark between them even as the humans of Frostcliff attempt to snuff it out.

Starshine is a novella set in the Sex Wizards universe. It follows the story of Bridgette and Garret before they discovered their magic and came to the Crux. It can be read standalone but is best enjoyed after book two of the Sex Wizards series.

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