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STEP-FARMER by Dani Wyatt (epub) Wanting What’s Wrong

I’ve been her guardian for a decade. What I am now should send me to hell.

I never thought my solitary life on my farm was lonely. I swore off women long ago, so children were never on my radar. But when the big city attorney showed up in a limousine with Ruby in the backseat, hugging a Louis Vuitton teddy bear, I knew my simple, small-town life would never be the same.

As the years passed, we worked the farm side by side, her life of luxury long forgotten. Her eighteenth birthday has come and gone, and my feelings have turned sinful. Out in the open, she calls me Eli, but alone in her room at night, she calls me Daddy. Her sweet smile and feminine curves call to me in ways I can no longer ignore.

I fear one day she will want that life back. She will spread her wings and try to fly away from here. From me. But when the forbidden fire between us ignites, there’s no turning back. I will do whatever it takes to bind her to me here forever before she finds out the truth.

Whatever. It. Takes.

Author’s Note: When this enormous farmer’s stepbrother goes missing in the Amazon and is presumed dead, he gets the gift of a lifetime. This book has some smokin’ hot farm-style dynamics and rural shenanigans you didn’t see coming! Always safe, no cheating, with a devoted, protective hero that will leave you longing for a hayride of your own! Climb aboard!

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