Stormfront by Tony Magnus (ePub & PDF)


Stormfront by Tony Magnus (ePub & PDF)
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Tony Magnus
April 2, 2023
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Epub and PDF
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Stormfront by Tony Magnus (ePub & PDF)

A Scifi Haremlit Fantasy:

A stop at Chill Brews Bar and Grub turned out to be one night I’d never forget. I had my first alien encounter, an Amazonian woman with long pink hair, starlight eyes, and a slit tongue I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. She swore she was from a planet of women, and that she was a goddess with superpowers. Ranai promised me justice for my family who was murdered years ago, by means of making me one of her suped-up heroes.

A superhero? There was no taking this chick seriously until I found myself at gunpoint later that evening by a shapeshifting midget who looked like Chibiusa from Sailor Moon.

Talk about suddenly being open-minded…

Ranai built Cobra Collective, an agency of superheroes who cleaned up messes left behind by her evil twin sister Anesta. Being the number one ranking superhero in Prospect City came with a few perks, however, I wasn’t expecting her to suddenly leave and have me handle the load.

As the new CEO of CC, I had to manage wrangling new superheroes for the Cobra tower. But when news of my family’s killer being a supervillain spurred up, I was determined to satisfy my long-awaited revenge.

With the help of my women, X’s grave was set.

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