Stronger Than Whispers by Sarah Miller (epub) FREE

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Stronger Than Whispers by Sarah Miller (epub) FREE

In the heart of Faith’s Creek, the lives of the Sommer sisters are about to be transformed by unexpected love and a family secret.

Annie, the eldest Sommer sister, had given up on love. That was the sacrifice needed to help her sisters when they lost their mother. It was gladly given, but the arrival of Christian, a kind-hearted newcomer to the Amish community, brings change.

Her sister Clara is dead against the newcomer, but Annie is drawn to him. She is torn between her family’s expectations and her burgeoning feelings.

Can she find love and keep the family’s secret?

Clara, scarred by her mother’s untimely death, has always been wary of outsiders. Yet, as she witnesses the budding affection between Annie and Christian, she must confront her own biases and learn to trust in the power of love. When Christian helps her, can she accept him?

As the Sommer family navigates this new journey, they must contend with their father, Abel’s failing health. Can they keep the secret lingering at the edges of their joyful celebrations?

The Sommers will discover the strength of their faith, the importance of forgiveness, and the healing power of love.

Stronger than Whispers is a tender and moving exploration of love, family, and the strength of faith in the face of adversity. As Annie discovers her path, she finds that even in the strict bounds of their Amish community, love has a way of breaking through. Can the sisters hold onto their faith and each other as their world shifts around them?

Prepare to be swept away in this heartwarming Amish romance that promises to pull at your heartstrings and keep you turning the pages until the very end.

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